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¬†Before my recent viewing of ‚ÄúThe Cat Vanishes‚ÄĚ, I was unaware of its Argentinean director, Carlos Sorin.¬†¬†Apparently this film is a departure from the usual types of realistic and simple dramas that Sorin is known for and in a recent interview with him, he has stated that this one off experiment would be just that.¬†¬†The reason for this is because he found the stylized world of his Hitchcock homage to be an incredibly hard film to make.¬†¬†Watching the film you would not know it because Sorin has created such a great little film, he always seems in total control of it, and it is a shame that he will not make another suspense thriller like this again.¬†¬†When it comes to the homage of the work of master filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, many have tried, but amazingly a lot fail, however Sorin has done a brilliant job of creating the wonderful suspense of a Hitchcock film without totally aping his style. Read More »

Un terso drama – Clarin

Padre e hija Awada y Almeida, en dos interpretaciones notables.

Padre e hija Awada y Almeida, en dos interpretaciones notables.


Un terso drama

Alejandro Awada interpreta a un alcóholico en recuperación, que viaja al sur para pescar tiburones y reencontrarse con su hija.

15.11.2012 | Por Miguel Frías

Como se viene publicando y publicando: en¬†D√≠as de pesca, Carlos Sor√≠n vuelve a la Patagonia, a las¬†road movies¬†agridulces y emotivas, a las pel√≠culas con actores profesionales mezclados con lugare√Īos -tiernos, nobles, ingenuos: antih√©roes queribles- que hacen de s√≠ mismos. Y sin embargo, si la comparamos con¬†Historias m√≠nimas¬†, √≠cono del cine¬†alla¬†Sor√≠n,D√≠as…¬†es, en muchos aspectos, muy distinta. Read More »